Top 11 Australian Beer commercials

With summer temperatures rising, the warm sand between my toes, the cricket on the radio and and safe in the knowledge that @BiteTheDust is in a dry land…here are my top Aussie beer ads to help you through the parching months. 

But remember the advertisements are for visual consumption only! – a responsible drinker is a responsible thinker and ‘if you drink and drive – you’re a bloody idiot

Number 11: Classic Victoria Bitter commercial from 1974

Number 10: Hahn Premium light – Responsible drinking

Number 9: XXX Gold – hidden trasure

Number 8: Tooheys New – Guide dog

Number 7: Victoria Bitter – Answer to Global Warming

Number 6: VB Shout Politics

Number 5: Victoria Bitter – the VB symphony

Number 4: Carlton Mid-Strength: He speaks ‘woman’

Number 3: Carlton Mid-Strength – The Shed

Number 2: Carlton Draught – FlashDance

Number 1: Carlton Draught – The Big Ad