Top 7 attractions -Shark Bay WA

1. Ocean Park Shark Bay


Shark Feeding

2. Monkey Mia


Dolphin Feeding

3. Little Lagoon

  • Perfectly circular in shape, Little Lagoon was once a land-locked birrida (gypsum pan). This amazing waterway acts as a natural nursery fro many fish species.
  • Great spot for fishing, swimming, canoeing and kite-boarding

Little Lagoon

4. Shell Beach

  • Billions of tiny white ‘coquina bivalve‘ sea shells form a 60km long beach aptly named Shell Beach.
  • The deposits are metres deep and extend out into the calm bay – it is great to walk out to sea through the clear waters.
  • Several buildings in Denham and on surrounding stations were built from blocks of the compacted shells.

Shell Beach Western Australia

5. Eagle Bluff

  • Eagle Bluff is one of the best places in Shark Bay to view marine life.
  • The shallow waters of the Shark Bay Marine Park below the boardwalk are teeming with life including rays, turtles, sharks and the occasional dugong, especially in the summer months

Eagle Bluff Platform

6. Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre

  • Essentially a one-stop informative display covering all of Shark Bay’s natural and cultural features
  • Exhibits include some of the very interesting and colourful stories of the residents of Shark Bay; interviews with scientists and CALM officers; a timeline dating back from 1616 to the present, displaying an old map that Captain Dirk Hartog and William Dampier illustrated while on voyage around our bays; and artefacts from the Zuytdorp ship wreck lost in 1712.

7. Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

  • Shark Bay is one of only two places in the world where living marine stromatolites exist. 
  • Stromatolites are living fossils contain microbes similar to those found in 3,500 million year old rocks – the earliest record of life on earth. As such, the stromatolites provide a record of local environmental changes.

Hamelin Pool Stromatolites

Top 11 Australian Beer commercials

With summer temperatures rising, the warm sand between my toes, the cricket on the radio and and safe in the knowledge that @BiteTheDust is in a dry land…here are my top Aussie beer ads to help you through the parching months. 

But remember the advertisements are for visual consumption only! – a responsible drinker is a responsible thinker and ‘if you drink and drive – you’re a bloody idiot

Number 11: Classic Victoria Bitter commercial from 1974

Number 10: Hahn Premium light – Responsible drinking

Number 9: XXX Gold – hidden trasure

Number 8: Tooheys New – Guide dog

Number 7: Victoria Bitter – Answer to Global Warming

Number 6: VB Shout Politics

Number 5: Victoria Bitter – the VB symphony

Number 4: Carlton Mid-Strength: He speaks ‘woman’

Number 3: Carlton Mid-Strength – The Shed

Number 2: Carlton Draught – FlashDance

Number 1: Carlton Draught – The Big Ad